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100 Ways America is Screwing Up the World is the August 2006 entertainment that has gone to its third printing and has been spotted on best seller lists around the country. Reviews.

Multilateralism Under Challenge? is the result of a joint project with U.N. University and the Social Science Research Council. It is coedited with Ramesh Thakur and Edward Newman of U.N.U., Tokyo. Contributors include Beth Simmons, Emanuel Adler, Richard Goldstone, Robert Keohane, Frederic Kratochwil, and many other leading scholars from around the world. November 2006. More information

Terror, Insurgency and the State
. (Penn Press, 2007). Coeditor and coauthor. The culmination of a long project, this examines in eleven cases why politically violent groups can be so durable. A joint project of SSRC and the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs. The summary report is available now on line.
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Spoils of War: The Human Cost of America's Arms Trade
(The Free Press, 1997), a normative and historical treatment, remains timely, engaging issues of U.S. policy in Iraq, Iran, and Turkey. Reviewers found it written with “dispassionate resolve and clarity” (Washington Post), "Engaging and challenging" (Library Journal), and “singularly illuminating”(Newsday). See this from Salon. Translated into Turkish in 2005, it has since then been the target of a multi-count prosecution in Turkey. See some of articles on this controversy in The Library.
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The Maze of Fear: Security and Migration After 9/11. (The New Press, 2004). Editor and contributor. This was one of the first volumes to assess this rapidly growing field of political wranging and scholarship. Essays by Thomas Biersteker, Louise Cainkar, Stephen Schlesinger, and many others. Part of a series of volumes produced by the Social Science Research Council.
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Making the Money Sing: Private Wealth and Public Power in the Search for Peace (Rowman and Littlefield, 2000). One of the few books ever to look into how private foundations operate in foreign affairs, with additional analysis on peace movements, civil society, and U.S. policies under Reagn, Bush, and Clinton.
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The Crisis of Governance in the Gulf: Legitimacy and Stability in a Dark Time (MIT/CIS, 2006). This analysis of three high-level workshops, one each on Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, engages the most pressing problems of the region, including US. policy. Available on-line or in hard copy.
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Fallacy of Star Wars (Vintage 1984) and Empty Promise: The Growing Case Against Star Wars (Beacon, 1986), both expert volumes from the Union of Concerned Scientists, remain remarkably useful and accurate.



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