The List

1  Altering the Earth: Virtually all scientists are not likely to be mistaken
2  Television: A surprising entry for number 2, and not for the reasons you'd think
3  The Cold War: 45 years of waste and danger (and many bad novels), with nasty, abiding effects
4  Dumping Toxins: where do all the poisons go? . . . to the rest of the world, of course
5  Market Mantra: The Tragic Failure of Neoliberalism: out of sight, out of mind
6  Blood for Oil: yes, that's what it is, and that's what it's always been
7  Agribusiness: it's more than Fruit Loops and mountains of rotting corn
8  The Reagan Doctrine: the most destructive "doctrine" ever---think "Taliban," contras, Savimbi
9  The War in Vietnam: millions dead, another war built on lies and "patriotism"
10 The Waltons Go Global: after reading this, you'll switch to Costco
11 Gilded Democracy: Tom DeLay and his cronies are only the tip of the iceberg
12 Nourishing the Seeds of Islamic Militancy: yes, sadly, we are implicated in this, too
13 Spreading the Word: and you think Scientology is loony---read this
14 Petroleum Dependency: "Record heat worldwide in 2006".....to die for, eh?
15 American Dream: no, it's not for everyone
16 The ABCs of HIV/AIDS: How Not to Stop an Epidemic: punishment for the wicked?
17 Reaganism: after this book, no one with any integrity can call himself a "Reagan Republican"
18 Nuclear Weapons: now we're selling to India and closing our eyes to Pakistan
19 Genocide: acknowledging only those that suit us---which does not, needless to say, include our own
20-27 Rogues Gallery of Dictators: Pinochet, the Argentine Generals, Mubarak, Pol Pot, Suharto, Mohammed Zia Ul-Haq Mobuto Sese Seko, Saddam Hussein: a sampler
28 SUVs: dangerous, gas-guzzling, ugly, clumsy, anti-social...hey, what's not to like?
29 War on Terrorism: phony, ill-conceived, poorly managed, but very, very convenient
30-35 Six interventions: Guatemala 1954, Dominican Republic 1965, Grenada 1983, Panama 1989, Iraq 1991, Somalia, 1992: and so many to choose from
36 Big Pharma:  choosing sexual dysfunction over malaria, HIV, etc. Vioxx anyone?
37 The Weapons Habit: selling our best technology to bad actors all over the world
38 Demise of Public Health: a tragedy of vast consequences, and no joking matter
39 Covert Action: the CIA has not actually gotten much right for all our billions
40 Billary: yes, the couple of the century, but not for me
41 Defense Contractors: no problema with Reagan or "W" in these quarters
42 “We don’t do body counts”: others do, however, and it's not looking good
43 Getting High: the drug war is an addiction
44 Torture: try thinking of something effective instead of sheer revenge
45 Consumerism: the Devil wears more than Prada
46 The Attack on Science: this reveals almost as much about the right wing as you need to know
47 The Failed Presidency of George W. Bush: has he done anything well?
48 Liberal Hawks: there is a special place in Hades for this foolish lot
49 The Puritanical Ethic: the no-fun country is exporting all the good stuff
50 Democratization: home-grown democracy is good; democratization is, well, read this and see
51 Empty (Headed) Threats of War: threats have consequences, too
52 America as Victim:
the ideology of whining, perfected on the Vulpine network and its imitators
53 The Imperialism of Knowledge:
our way or the highway
54 Cuba:
anti-Fidelisme o muerte!
55 Oceans:
the new trash bin, formerly known as the font of life on Earth
56 Gangsta Rap & the Culture of Violence:
marching songs for African child soldiers
57 Supporting Apartheid:
the durable consequences of immorality
58 The Very Expensive Fissionable Atom:
nuclear energy isn't needed, but thanks anyway
the little lobbying engine that could, and could, and could, and does
60 Wars of Choice:
this is "choice" the real Party of Death can love
61 Haiti: Voodoo Foreign Policy:
not a history to warm the heart
62 McDonaldization:
supersizing the world: would you like Lipitor with those fries?
63 Dissing the U.N.:
America's favorite punching bag on the East River
64 Mel Gibson:
on righteous Hollywood violence. Update: Drunk. Disorderly. Dishonest. Racist.
65 The New York Times (& Washington Post):
say it ain't so
66 Blame it on Rio: The NRA’s Shootout in Brazil:
many, many cold dead hands
67 The Self-Help Mania:
think of 100 Ways as self-help for America
68 Destroying the Left, Bankrupting Democracy:
your CIA dollars at work
69 A Most Christian Nation: What Would Jesus Say?
The new "America First" version
70 The Deadly Reach of Patio Furniture:
what your teak lawn chair won't tell you
71 Public Diplomacy: Just Put on a Happy Face:
that's your cue, Karen
72 Killing Fields of Death Row:
doesn't work, never did, cut it out
73 New Age:
stardrops on crystals and Mother Earth fixins'....
74 Committees of the Imperious:
Yikes! The New American Century has 94 years to go
75 Forgetting History:
more teens know American Idol than who the Nazis were
76 We’re No. 1:
although we're not exactly sure what in
77 Strong States, Weak States:
who says neo-fascist governments can't be lovable?
78 Fat Country, Fat World: The Magic of Processed Food:
it started with a Frenchman
79 The Filthy Rich:
but if you know any who would fund a worthy project called Another 100 Ways
80 The Global Gag: Family Planning the Extremists’ Way:
that would be you, George
81 Imperial City:
although the imperium is getting a little frayed
82 Commercialization of Sports:
can the Dominoes Pizza World Series be far off?
83 Damsels in Distress:
no, no, not Condi, though come to think of it.....
84 Disney, Inc.:
the House of Mouse and global infestations
85 Las Vegas:
if only Bugsy could see it now
86 Christmas:
if only Jesus could see it now
87 The Miami Relatives:
no problema with the Spanish spoken here
88 P.R.:
No Child Left Behind, Clean Skies, Healthy Forests, Op Iraqi Freedom....
89 "24/7": Abuses of the Work Ethic:
or, why we need the return of the nap
90 Paris Hilton & Celebrity Culture:
the "Get a Life" movement finds its leader
91-100 Ten annoyances:
Dumbing down
Michael Jackson
Phalangist pundits
Hooker couture for children
“Maverick” John McCain
Professional schools

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